More reliable transit solutions for Etobicoke-Lakeshore

As our ward continues to grow, it is vital that transit infrastructure keeps up. Continue reading

Thank you to our donors!

This is a special video dedicated solely to the good folks who have seen fit to donate to our cause and have given us so much encouragement throughout the campaign. Continue reading

Why I'm running in Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Over the past several months I’ve been attending events, knocking on doors and meeting with residents to learn more about the community needs in our neighbourhoods. Continue reading

National Observer: Toronto is fired up over Doug Ford's plans for city hall

Amber Morley, a community leader and first time candidate in Etobicoke-Lakeshore neighbourhood in west Toronto, has been planning her campaign since October 2017, and perceives Ford’s decision to cut the number of wards as “a direct threat” to her campaign and her community. “The parameters, the rules of the game have completely changed,” she said in an interview. “The community that I'm now potentially putting myself forward to represent, it’s not the community that I signed on for nor the community as I as I know it to be.” Continue reading

Pressed Podcast


The Toronto Show

The Toronto Show Talked to Amber about why she is running.

The Globe and Mail: The monolithic face of Toronto politics may finally change

When I arrive at Amber Morley’s constituency office in west-end Toronto – a small room tucked into the front of the housing co-op where she grew up and still lives – she’s in the middle of watching a city council debate on YouTube. This may seem like penance for the rest of us, but for a political junkie such as Ms. Morley, it’s engrossing. And enraging. Continue reading