Amber has spent hundreds of hours listening to her neighbours at community events and on their doorsteps. She has heard how important it is to have a councillor who is committed to working collaboratively with residents, local businesses, and community leaders. She believes that big decisions require consultation and input from the people directly affected by those decisions. You told her, Etobicoke-Lakeshore needs a Councillor who will represent everyone who lives, works, and plays in our neighbourhoods.

Amber will arrive at Toronto City Council on day one with an agenda that works for Etobicoke-Lakeshore residents. These are the issues that you have told her matter to you:

Collaborative and Responsive Leadership

Your local councillor should not only represent you, but should work with you to build stronger neighbourhoods.

As your councillor Amber will:

1.Represent our local issues through leadership that amplifies the voices of residents

2.Consult with residents by holding regular community forums and town hall meetings throughout the ward, and use those meetings to set our Ward agenda in Council

3.Use the knowledge and experience of the various community activists and community groups that are working in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, to learn more about our needs as a Ward

Transit and Fair Road use

With population growth and density in the ward, transit infrastructure has not kept pace, and the lack of accessible transit options make it hard for residents to travel safely in and out of Etobicoke-Lakeshore for work or for leisure.
As your councillor Amber will:

1.Tackle road safety issues by fighting to ensure relevant Vision Zero Road Safety Plan recommendations are implemented in our ward

2.Prioritize moving forward with the Waterfront LRT as well as Mimico GO renovations and supporting the construction of the Parklawn GO.

3.Ensure more commuter cycling infrastructure is developed for our ward

Community spaces and Development

Vibrant communities ensure all resident have fair access to community spaces. Spaces where the cost to participate does not limit people from being involved. Spaces that cater to all manner of interests and experiences. As your councillor I will advocate for:

1.Vacant city owned land to be activated for community use (examples)

2.Collaborate with for seniors and youth who reside in our ward to develop community spaces specifically designed to their needs and interests

3.Robust and inclusive community engagement consultation processes that occur at the earliest possible stages of the planning process

4.Leverage new development opportunities to secure community benefits, such as more local jobs, childcare spaces and street improvements.

Community spaces and Development

We have seen the loss of major employers in our ward. With increased residential density and thousands of new neighbours, we have an opportunity to bolster our local economy and add new jobs by attracting and supporting locally owned small businesses, independent retailers, and local entrepreneurs.
As your councillor Amber will:

1.Work to attract creative and commercial spaces to support and promote the arts

2.Undertake strategic outreach to bring in new employers

3.Promote local restaurants and attract new business owners, to raise the profile of Etobicoke-Lakeshore as a go-to food, arts and entertainment space in the city.

Housing affordability

Our children should be able to afford to live in the communities they grew up in, but right now that option is rapidly giving way to skyrocketing housing costs and limited rental options.
As your councillor Amber will:

1.Push for set allocation of affordable units in new housing developments

2.Support the development of new cooperative housing initiatives

3.Ensure thorough community consultation processes happen prior to new development projects happening in the ward